Babbel’s In-House Language Challenge: A Roundtable Discussion

3 days, 1 hour ago.

Babbel’s Didactics team knows that language-learning is more than drilling vocab and grammar. It’s a swirl of elements, in which motivating factors do battle with challenges and discouragement — many of them having very little to do lessons or exercises. To better understand it all, and better tailor Babbel’s methodology to the details of the […]

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10 Irish expressions for St. Patrick’s Day

3 days, 7 hours ago.

St. Patrick’s Day is here again! Taking place each year on March 17th, people celebrate this day to commemorate the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. What started as a religious feast day in the 17th century has evolved into loads of festivals across the world celebrating Irish culture. It’s now all

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How to Be More Innovative and Creative at Work

5 days, 10 hours ago.

Read this article and learn how to make a real impact on your business's development by being more creative at work!

5 of the most famous multilingual women throughout history

1 week, 4 days ago.

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is all about celebrating the social, economic and political achievements of women around the world. It’s also about showing love for the women in your life! Last year we shared some history and traditions of this day. This year we want to bring your attention to the linguistic achievements of

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Setting up a business as a woman: how to get a running start

1 week, 4 days ago.

How can women who want to embark on the exciting journey of setting up and developing their own business fulfil their dream? Successful entrepreneur Sandy Leong explains how you can get a running start in her (free!) e-book 'Women's Business'.

The wonderful world of life in a drop of water | Simone Bianco and Tom Zimmerman

1 week, 5 days ago.

"Hold your breath," says inventor Tom Zimmerman. "This is the world without plankton." These tiny organisms produce two-thirds of our planet's oxygen -- without them, life as we know it wouldn't exist. In this talk and tech demo, Zimmerman and cell engineer Simone Bianco hook up a 3D microscope to a drop of water and take you scuba diving with plankton. Learn more about these mesmerizing creatures and get inspired to protect them against ongoing threats from climate change.

How shocking events can spark positive change | Naomi Klein

1 week, 5 days ago.

Things are pretty shocking out there right now -- record-breaking storms, deadly terror attacks, thousands of migrants disappearing beneath the waves and openly supremacist movements rising. Are we responding with the urgency that these overlapping crises demand from us? Journalist and activist Naomi Klein studies how governments use large-scale shocks to push societies backward. She shares a few propositions from "The Leap" -- a manifesto she wrote alongside indigenous elders, climate change activists, union leaders and others from different backgrounds -- which envisions a world after we've already made the transition to a clean economy and a much fairer society. "The shocking events that fill us with dread today can transform us, and they can transform the world for the better," Klein says. "But first we need to picture the world that we're fighting for. And we have to dream it up together."

Successful Training and Development

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Read this article and learn how to plan and lead sustainable training sessions!

How to Encrypt an EBS Volume

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How to encrypt an EBS Volume with EBS encryption

Keeping data and applications safe in the cloud is one the most visible challenges facing cloud teams in 2018. Cloud storage services where data resides are frequently a target for hackers, not because the services are inherently weak, but because they are often improperly configured. Encryption—to protect data at rest and in-flight—should be an organization’s number-one priority when using any storage service. On AWS, its Elastic Block Store (EBS) service provides persistent block-level storage volumes for Amazon EC2 instances. EBS volumes can be attached to your instances and primarily used for data that is rapidly changing or that requires specific input/output operations per second, (IOPS). Because they provide persistent level storage to your instances, EBS volumes are ideally suited for retaining important data and can be used to store personally identifiable information (PII). In any environment where this is the case, it's essential that data on the volume is encrypted to protect it from malicious activity. AWS makes encryption easy. In this post, we’ll step through three processes using AWS Elastic Block Store to help you make sure that your encryption is configured correctly.

How to Encrypt an EBS Volume

With the EBS encryption mechanism, you don’t have to worry about managing keys to perform encryption yourself—it’s all managed and implemented by EBS. However, there are a couple of different ways that encryption can be applied depending on how and when you are creating your new EBS volumes. I will walk you through each process.

Encryption for a new EBS Volume

  1. From within the AWS Management Console, select EC2
  2. Under ‘Elastic Block Store’ select ‘Volumes’
  3. Select ‘Create Volume’
  4. Enter the required configuration for your Volume
  5. Select the checkbox for ‘Encrypt this volume’
  6. Select the KMS Customer Master Key (CMK) to be used under ‘Master Key’
  7. Select ‘Create Volume’
Encryption EBS Create Volume Once your volume has been created, all data saved to this volume will be encrypted when attached to an EC2 instance.

Encrypt a new EBS volume when launching an EC2 instance

    1. From within the AWS Management Console, select EC2
    2. Select ‘Launch Instance’
    3. Select your AMI type
    4. Select your Instance Type
    5. Click ‘Next: Configure Instance Details’
    6. Configure your instance as required
    7. Select ‘Next: Add Storage’
    8. Select ‘Add New Volume’
    9. Ensure your volume type is ‘EBS’ and configure your storage requirements
    10. Select the drop-down list under ‘Encryption’ and select the KMS CMK key to be used
    11. Continue with your EC2 instance launch process
Volume Type Encryption The EBS volume attached to that instance will now be encrypted. It’s also worth noting that any snapshots created from these encrypted volumes (and any volumes created from these snapshots) will also be encrypted.

EBS with KMS

The EBS service interacts with another AWS service, the Key Management Service (KMS) to perform encryption. KMS uses Customer Master Keys (CMK) to create Data Encryption Keys (DEK), which enables data encryption across EBS and a range of AWS services. When a volume is defined as an encrypted volume, EBS sends a request to KMS asking for a Data Encryption Key. The DEK is generated AND encrypted by the Customer Master Key, which by default will be a unique, regional CMK provided by AWS unless otherwise specified. The encrypted DEK is then stored with the metadata on the EBS volume. It’s important to point out that no data has been encrypted up to this point. So far only the Data Encryption Key has been encrypted. The data encryption process is driven from the EC2 instance, not the EBS volume, so your data will be encrypted when it is connected to an associated EC2 instance. When the volume is attached to an EC2 instance, the instance sends a ‘decrypt’ request to KMS along with the encrypted DEK from the EBS volume. KMS then responds with a plaintext version of the DEK. EC2 will store this within its hypervisor memory, allowing the instance itself to perform encryption on any read/writes to the EBS volume using the plaintext version of the DEK. The DEK uses the AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard - 256 bit) algorithm to encrypt any data written. The process is managed from the EC2 instance, which ensures that the data is also encrypted when in transit to the EBS volume. Let’s look at the full process:
  1. A volume is defined as ‘encrypted’ in EBS
  2. EBS calls KMS to request a Data Encryption Key
  3. KMS generates a DEK from the specified Customer Master Key
  4. The CMK encrypts the DEK
  5. The DEK is then stored on the encrypted EBS volume as metadata
  6. The EBS volume is then attached to an EC2 instance
  7. EC2 sends a ‘decrypt’ request to KMS with the encrypted DEK from the volume
  8. KMS decrypts the DEK into a plaintext DEK and sends it back to the EC2 instance
  9. EC2 stores the plaintext DEK in its hypervisor memory for as long as the EBS volume is attached to the instance
  10. EC2 uses the DEK to perform I/O encryption to the volume using the AES-256 algorithm

How to Encrypt an Existing EBS Volume

An existing unencrypted volume and the data it contains may not be encrypted. Instead, you’ll need to follow another process, outlined below. 1. Select your unencrypted volume 2. Select ‘Actions’ - ‘Create Snapshot’ 3. When the snapshot is complete, select ‘Snapshots’ under ‘Elastic Block Store’ Select your newly created snapshot 4. Select ‘Actions’ - ‘Copy’ 5. Check the box for ‘Encryption’ 6. Select the CMK for KMS to use as required 7. Click ‘Copy’ Snapshot Encryption Master Key 8. Select the newly created snapshot 9. Select ‘Actions’ - ‘Create Volume’ 10. You will notice that the normal ‘Encryption’ option is set to ‘True.’ Because the snapshot is itself encrypted, this cannot be modified. The volume now created from this snapshot will be encrypted Encryption EBS Create Volume True

Supported Instance Types for Encryption

Although all EBS volume types support encryption, not all instance types are supported. The following AWS instance types are supported for EBS encryption: Encryption EBS Instance Family Image Source: Encryption Supported Instances Consult the official AWS documentation to stay up to date with the supported instance types. Now that you understand how your sensitive data can be protected through EBS encryption, you’ll want to learn more about encryption for other AWS services such as Encryption in S3, KMS, Redshift, and CloudHSM. Get started with these courses from the Cloud Academy training library: AWS Big Data Security: Encryption Amazon Web Services - Key Management Service (KMS) Getting started with AWS CloudHSM  

How fashion helps us express who we are -- and what we stand for | Kaustav Dey

1 week, 6 days ago.

No one thinks twice about a woman wearing blue jeans in New York City -- but when Nobel laureate Malala wears them, it's a political act. Around the globe, individuality can be a crime, and clothing can be a form of protest. In a talk about the power of what we wear, Kaustav Dey examines how fashion gives us a nonverbal language of dissent and encourages us to embrace our authentic selves.

Do you really know why you do what you do? | Petter Johansson

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Experimental psychologist Petter Johansson researches choice blindness -- a phenomenon where we convince ourselves that we're getting what we want, even when we're not. In an eye-opening talk, he shares experiments (designed in collaboration with magicians!) that aim to answer the question: Why do we do what we do? The findings have big implications for the nature of self-knowledge and how we react in the face of manipulation. You may not know yourself as well as you think you do.

Degrees and Credentials Built for Today’s Learners

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  Over the last six years, Coursera has become a destination for 31 million registered learners all over the world to learn from the world’s top universities and industry leaders. In addition to 2,600 courses and 236 Specializations, Coursera and our partners are working together to build more valuable credentials, including becoming a premier destination […]

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6 New Degrees Coming to Coursera in Computer Science, Data Science, and Public Health

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People need access to high quality learning more than ever. Degrees are no exception. That’s why we’re working with our university partners to build a new kind of degree experience. Today, we are excited to announce the development of six new degrees: a Master of Computer Science from Arizona State University, a Global Master of […]

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Statement on incident at TEDxBrussels

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March 5, 2018 — Today at TEDxBrussels, an independently organized TEDx event, speaker and performance artist Deborah De Robertis was forcibly removed from the stage by one of the event’s organizers, who objected to the talk’s content. We have reviewed the situation and spoken with the organizer. While we know there are moments when it is []

Digital Transformation for the Future of Work in India

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The future of work and the future of learning are converging. The rapid pace at which the world is changing due to globalization and technological advancements is changing the way customers behave, the way competitors compete for those customers and the way businesses operate. The nature of jobs is changing and the skills needed to […]

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