This course examines the range of financing options that a life science/healthcare company has at the startup phase of its life cycle. In this difficult financing environment, ventures need to look to any and all sources of capital that will allow them to create value inflection points, reduce risk and position themselves for additional investment. This course will cover a range of funding sources including grants, angels, seed and venture capital and non-traditional sources such as foundations and crowdfunding.

Two perspectives, that of the entrepreneur and that of the investor, will be taken. Some of the takeaways will be navigating the investment world, determining appropriate capital sources for your venture, the investment criteria typical of a source, the inside story on venture capital, and non-dilutive funding such as grants. This course will also touch lightly on business planning, basic finance and creating an investor presentation. The course will provide information to help set a plan of action to fund a company.

Level: beginner · Schedule: fixed

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