publishes free and openly available eBooks for students and business professionals. The books can be downloaded in PDF without registration. Our mission is that students should be able to go through university without having to pay for textbooks.

How we make this possible – Your future employer pays for your textbooks

We finance our textbooks with a low number of high quality advertisements. The advertisements are mostly employer branding from companies who intend to recruit the students reading the textbook after they graduate. So in essence, your future employer is paying for your textbook!

We have set a 15% advertising limit per book. This limit has been set together with professors, business professionals, and student organizations in order to ensure the whole experience is in line with the high quality of our books. offers a huge range of over 1000 free quality eBooks for university students and business professionals. Our books can be downloaded directly in PDF format, and are currently available in seven languages for everyone around the world.

Books for university students. Bookboon textbooks are focused and to the point, and address students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Our main focus areas are business/economics, engineering/natural sciences and IT. We are also constantly expanding our range of subjects.

Over 600 textbooks written by professors. We currently offer over 600 textbooks. The books are on average around 200 pages long, and are being used as both primary and secondary literature.

All our books are written by highly respected professors from some of the best universities in the world and exclusively for

Books for business professionals. We offer a vast range of over 400 eBooks for business professionals, all written by experts within their fields and exclusively for

These eBooks are designed for business professionals and provide effective introductions to many different personal development topics. The books are relevant for fields such as IT, engineering, sales, marketing, finance, management et cetera.

Designed for the needs of business professionals. Our eBooks help the reader become more efficient in his or her workplace. The books cover business relevant themes as persuasive communication, time management, project management, and many other areas within personal development.

The books are about 50 pages long and they are tailored to be read in two or three hours, which is the available time a reader has on a flight, a train journey, an evening in a hotel or at home after the kids are put to bed. The books have a hands-on approach: you can read them today and use them tomorrow.

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