MIT OpenCourseWare

With all of the press attention on massive open online courses (MOOCs), you may be wondering how OCW is faring in this new and more complicated digital learning environment. We're pleased to share that the OCW site has been receiving record traffic in the last few months. In July 2013 alone, we received 3 million visits from 2 million individuals, a near-doubling of traffic from the previous year. We're thrilled to see MITx and other MOOC providers creating new learning opportunities using emerging digital technologies, and we see these courses as an important complement to OCW.

OCW, though, continues to bring unique value to educators and learners worldwide, and we remain deeply committed to our mission of sharing educational content taken directly from MIT classrooms. With more than 2,180 courses now represented on the site, OCW provides a broad view into the MIT curriculum across all programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. OCW materials are persistently available and openly licensed, making them ideal as references and sources of content from which other educational opportunities can be developed.

We continue to innovate on the OCW model as well. This year, we will publish three more of our unique OCW Scholar courses, OCW materials that have been structured specifically to support informal independent learning. 2.003SC Engineering Dynamics is the latest example of this format to be published on our site. OCW continues to participate in open education experiments as well, such as our collaboration with other leading open education projects to offer The Mechanical MOOC: A Gentle Introduction to Python. Later this fall, look for more elements of our newest effort OCW Educator, to appear on the site. This project aims to layer additional pedagogical information on top of the course content we share, helping other educators understand not just what we teach, but how we teach.

Within MIT, OCW is playing a vital role in the developing digital learning infrastructure. Our experience with the publication of educational materials at scale, management of intellectual property and other key aspects on digital learning efforts helps the Institute's publication of the new MITx massive open online courses, and our staff is working on a daily basis to assist the new MITx team in developing the courses available on the edX platform. And OCW remains one of the most widely used digital resources on campus, accessed regularly by 92% of students and 84% of faculty.

We believe we are entering a golden age of online learning opportunities, and that OCW has a vital role to play in that bright future, but we continue to face the challenge of sustaining the program.

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