Take courses from thought leaders and distinguished professors from top universities.

Get to know your fellow students around the world as you collaborate with them on course projects.

Work on real-world course projects that excite you and make a difference.

1. Network with peers, alumni, and mentors
Build a network of peers that lives beyond the course. Give back as an alumni or a mentor to future courses.

2. Learn to lead and work in a team
Lead a team of peers. Work together to uncover creative solutions to interesting problems.

3. Join the world’s classroom
Exchange ideals and develop new understandings when you join courses taken by students in over 150 different countries.


Our student-centered online learning environment enables you to tear down the walls of your classroom and extend learning through a team-based, collaborative, and project-based approach at scale. This collaborative and engaged experience provides your students with a deeper understanding of the content by widening the range of interaction with you, the content and each other. More importantly, it helps the learners foster the competencies of creative thinking, collaboration, and communication in practice.

Our intuitive instructor interface combined with real-time analytics, allows you to respond to student learning as it happens to deliver necessary adjustments and interventions to make your instruction more effective. The learning environment can be used in online courses (either free or for a fee), as NovoEd's unique ability to facilitate interaction and collaboration creates the most effective conditions for engaged learning at scale. It can also be customized to create a seamless experience for on-campus students in a hybrid classroom by enabling rich interaction with the instructor and each other both on-campus and online.

You can discover new ideas, meet other students, create great work, and change your world. In our online courses from top universities, you can learn and work with other students all around the world on course projects and assignments. Our courses are built on sound pedagogical foundations to help you learn to be a better team player, creative thinker and problem solver in an active, social, learning environment. Our innovative technology keeps you connected with other students so that you can exchange ideas, work on group projects, get feedback, and form relationships with other learners that last well beyond the course's end.

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NovoEd is committed to being on the cutting edge of innovation in pedagogy, and our platform is the only one designed to connect students to each other and to their instructors around content at scale. For on-campus, technology-enhanced classes, the student-centered design and social aspects of our platform extend the student experience and amplify the teaching done in the classroom. Students experience their online academic work as an extension of their on-campus classes, as they remain connected to their peers and work together on group projects on the platform. When you use the NovoEd platform with your enrolled undergraduate, graduate, or executive education students, you expand their classroom experience by keeping them in contact with each other and engaged in ongoing collaboration.

Because our technology enables you to create a connected, engaged and collaborative learning experience for students at web scale, your instructors can use our innovative tools and proven pedagogical techniques to design meaningful, massive online courses. Our rigorous reputation system, accountability practices, and calibrated peer review enable students to form a worthwhile network of peers with similar interests and commitment whether they are in the same location or different parts of the world. Ultimately, the strong community component of the platform draws in students even after the end of the course and empowers students to help, engage with, and encourage each other to not only foster community but to also develop crucial meta-cognitive understanding of content, providing them with a significant learning experience from your institution.

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