What is Open2Study? An initiative of Open Universities Australia, Open2Study brings you the best in online education with our four-week, introductory subjects.

Open2Study provides free, specialised short courses, entirely online, across the world, in a range of subject areas. Our providers come from the best education providers across Australia, and around the world, to work with our dedicated team of learning designers and television producers, and create an online learning experience that is second-to-none.

When we build our courses, we are involved at every stage of the process. It’s how we make sure you receive a consistent experience, with quality content delivered in an easy-to-use and compelling format.

We also have a team of social learning facilitators, who are with you in the community and classroom forums, as well as across our social media networks, to share the latest research and opinion, and help you to take your learning to the next level.

Free online education. The courses at Open2Study are free – and we mean completely free! There are no fees or administrative charges, no textbooks or materials to buy and absolutely no hidden costs.

Open2Study lets you dip your toe in the water to decide if online learning suits you - you can try one course or try them all, and it takes just four weeks for you to learn something new. Once you're done, you'll have picked up new knowledge and skills that you can start applying straight away.

All of our courses are available to everyone. Whether you're curious about online study, looking to boost your professional skills, returning to study or just want to learn something new for fun. We want you to be able to sample high-quality education, free of charge.

When you successfully complete your course you'll get a Certificate of Achievement, which you can use to demonstrate your interest in learning about a certain area.

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