Commit to Your Success Our online courses are rigorous and may even make you sweat. Tackling projects built by tech leaders like Google, AT&T, and Intuit, you’ll stretch yourself and learn new and relevant skills. Enroll today—we’ll help you succeed and cheer you on every step of the way!

Projects With Ongoing Feedback Landing a dream job takes much more than an impressive resume. That’s why Udacity courses are built around hands-on projects that you can show off to employers as part of your portfolio. And because we want your projects to reflect your best work, you’ll be provided with personalized project design and code feedback with ample opportunity to iterate your work. projects with ongoing feedback

Guidance from Coaches Taking online courses is convenient, but what happens when you get stuck? Upon enrolling in a Udacity course, you'll be assigned a personal Coach who will provide code and project feedback, and can help you create and stay on track with a personalized course timeline. For those times when you might need immediate help, you'll also have daily, instant access to a pool of Udacity Coaches via chat. Coaches are available to chat Monday-Thursday 10AM-10PM PST and Friday-Sunday 10AM-5PM PST. guidance from Coaches

Verified Certificates Building projects as you complete a course is an accomplishment you’ll be proud of... and one that employers will value. After evaluating your projects, we’ll provide you with a verified certificate that is proof of your new skills. verified certificates

Make Your Own 2048 - Udacity

Ten minutes into this class you will make your own completely personalized version of the insanely addictive game 2048. Even if you've never coded before. Pretty cool, no? You'll do this by making small (but important) modifications to the source code for the original 2048 gam...

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